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Powerd by money how else do you think they were able to “colonize” Afrika and enslave so many people. Create Genicide and whip out entire race of people. Give some people a game they can play then tell them outside of it they can be powerful and walk around like they have victory for life with some incentives. No incentive like pay respect to the Earth Mother Goddesses but would rather buy it. Thats the case of this culture which just continues to grow. Yet one finds it hard to see where this culture starts from and if we are speaking English isnt that a tribe so could we all be with their culture and not ours hmmm. He who owns the display chooses what goes in it.

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They did not worship the Sun they respected and gave honor for what it stood for and did for them like every civilization. european descent always try to tell people that others worshipped things, while they worship killing and ignorance

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Revue Noire RN°30 - Nigeria

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"The anti-black world is global in its horizon." - Jared Sexton


Cesar Chavez (2014)

"Once social change begins, it can’t be reversed. You can’t uneducate someone who has learned how to read …"

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